1 Host, 1 Comedian, 1 Guest- My Appearance on the 10-Minute Talkshow.

I've been very fortunate that in my life I have gotten to be in interesting places and meet interesting people.  Since I moved to Toronto almost 9 years ago, I've definitely added some amazing people to my "Amazing People" list.

In 2009 I was asked to be a part of a huge project being tackled by a small organization. I was asked to be a calendar girl for the Heterosexuals for Same Sex Equality.  This little engine that could was conducted by the tenacious Derek Forgie.  I've had the absolute pleasure to work on several projects with Derek in the 7 years I've known him.  His positive energy and the pure joy he exudes makes him a dream to work with.  One of my favourite campaigns that Derek ran was a couples photoshoot for Valentine's Day.  The HSSE teamed up with local photography superstars Russel+Sohn to share a little message of love and support. 

             Heterosexuals for same sex equality, being a hater doesn't make you straighter

Because of Derek's passion for every project he works on, I can't help myself but to say yes if he asks me for help.  This has lead to several exciting adventures: parades in body paint, road trips, explaining the concept of "Beards" to teenagers, and the newest gem to spring forth from Derek's exceptional brain, the 10-Minute Talk Show.

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The concept is simple: One host, one guest, one comedian, ten minutes and you're done! Comedy and news in the time it takes for your streetcar to show up.  I was more than happy to participate and had a wonderful time.  I love seeing people make their own destinies and Derek is a master at that.  


If I had one wish, it would be to work on creative projects with this guy for ever.  He's simply the best. Oh and he's got an amazing family too (Hi Tessie and Ginny!!)

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