3 Looks with Urban Decay's Naked: Smokey Palette


Small gestures of kindness are sometimes the very thing that can make a person who is experiencing the isolating feelings of depression, realize that they are not so alone. In late November, someone in a makeup group that I am a part of posted that the Urban Decay Smokey palette was on sale for a ridiculously good price.  I jokingly commented that I had a birthday approaching.  A friend I had forgotten was in the group saw my post and purchased the palette for me.  When she gave it to me I legit cried.  It touched me that she wanted to make me feel good and I appreciate that gesture so much.  Love you Morgan xoxoxox!!

I’m a HUGE Urban Decay fan.  Since my rough and tumble teen days I have always gravitated to UD’s products.  They offer you a great spectrum of pretty soft colours and they also had a full range of “edgy” colours long before it was trendy to do so.  I remember buying a pewter silver lipstick and a metallic, army green nail polish (that perfectly matched a pair of thrifted corduroys). I wasn't into “looking pretty”.  I wanted to look like Tank Girl or Joan Jett (sans mullet) or Souxsie Sioux.  Covergirl just wasn’t going to cut it.  

Now that I am a grown up, I’ve given them ALL OF MY MONEY.  I really love their palettes because they are versatile.  Day to night to rager at a vampire ball.  Anything is possible.




Getting my base on was a challenge as my nose decided that it wanted to grow it's own head. I woke up the morning of this makeup application to a giant red zit on my face!  It was so anygry.  A little green concealer under my base took some of the 'heat' out of it but I was simply placating the acne demi-god, he would demand sacrifice soon enough.

My first look with the Smokey Palette is a nice soft day time look.  It’s perfect for work, brunch, shopping.  Anywhere that you want to look polished but not “made up”.  Just a hint of definition to the eyes and a strong brow game, bring you and your face into polished perfection.


For the second look, I gave the eyes a little more definition and “smoke”  Just a little drama.  For the real talking piece of this look I added a bold red lip in a satin finish.  The soft eyes and the bold lips create a nice balance.


For the third look I went full on Soap Opera Drama.  Usually when doing a dark eye like this, I do my eye makeup first and then I do my face.  If your shadows have fallout or your eyeliner gets out of hand you can clean it up when you’re done.  Because I already had my base one this was a tricky look to pull off.  I’ll fully admit that I cursed this idea from the minute I started on look three. What a mess.  Managed to pull it of without destroying my foundation but I was Stressed!!


I smoked out my eyes with dark greys and purples and blending them out with a soft chocolate colour.  Highlighting my inner corners and brow bone.  Throw on a pair of killer lashes and that’s that.  To up the lip game, I added Mac cyber to the inner corners, blending towards the middle for an ombre effect.  It’s definitely a look for a romantic dinner for two.

Additional Makeup Notes:

Foundation: Makeup Forever Ultra HD

Concealer: Mac Pro Longwear 

Setting Powder: KVD Lock-it Setting Powder

Brows - Look 1 and 2: ColourPop Brow Pencil

Contour: KVD Shadows and Light

Blush: Sara Bella Makeup

Look 1: Marc Jacobs

Look 2: Sara Bella Makeup in Vixen

Look 3: Added MAC Cyber to the inner corners and blended out

Lashes: Kiss 

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