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The reason I got into hairstyling all those years ago was to help people feel good.  Nothing says bliss as whiling away a few hours being pampered at a salon. They're comfortable, they smell good, the people are nice.

While I spent 17 years behind the chair, I never tired of my job but even when I was getting my hair done, it was always a rush job because you're taking up valuable money making time.  Now that I am out of the industry I am doubly aware what an amazing privilege it is to visit a salon.

The sheer amount of wizardry I had to perform to have my days off meet up with a free spot in Alison's schedule.... I was two days away from hiring an old priest and a young priest to exorcise my roots.  But luckily the lovely Alison was able to see me last week.  Just in time for a series of photoshoots and official events.  

 While I was making the roots work for me, I wanted that extra level of spit and polish for my up coming events.

Nothing says Glamourous like a plastic bag on your head and a shapeless black gown.

But the end results of shiny, smooth hair are well worth it!  Thanks Alison! xox

You can visit Alison or any one of my former teammates at Distinct Hair Design.  

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  • Alison

    Aw, I’m so glad you are happy, with the end result as well as the service! I enjoyed having you in my chair just as much.
    I miss having you in the salon so much and clients still ask after you every day.

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