Date Night

Even though I cheerfully refer to myself as an “Old Married Lady” I count my lucky stars when it comes to WHO I am married to.  I lucked out and managed to put a ring on my best friend.  We joke that I was way cooler before I met him. I’m much happier with this uncool life than I was when I was on the cool path.

We’re pretty boring when it comes to date nights.  We do the usual stuff; dinner out, going to the movies, drinks with friends.  You know the drill.  My favourite date activity seriously costs about $20.  Take me to Indigo and buy me a Frappuccino and let’s wander the stacks. 

One of the things I love about my husband is how freely he gives compliments.  If I’m in sweats with unwashed hair, he’ll tell me I’m beautiful. If I put effort into my appearance, he’ll make a point of complimenting me on specific things; “Oh I like your hair like that”, “That dress looks really great on you”.  He’s really the best and I’m beyond lucky. 

I love to get dressed up (and I mean dressed up by my standards.  So jeans usually).  I do love me a vintage aesthetic.  I like to dress like a mix of Wanda Woodward and Joan Holloway. I slithered into this gorgeous houndstooth pencil skirt (I love a good houndstooth) and a pussy-bow body suit from Forever 21 and hit the stacks.

Sometimes you find random gold on the shelves too.

This book is a modern cliff's notes for classic literature. It's perfect in so many ways (and completely problematic in others!).

To me the perfect things about this outfit are that it's comfortable, sexy, cheap and classic.  Throw a jacket over it and it's office ready.  Add jewelry and heels and it's GNO Approved!  Run the company, sip cocktails and break hearts all in one ensemble


Outfit Details:

Houndstooth Skirt (Ebay) $9.99 +free shipping

Pussy Bow Bodysuit (Forever21) $9.99

Shoes (Michael Korr's) Free - borrowed

Glasses (Clearly Contacts) $65 (free lenses with a coupon back in the day WOO)

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