Destination: Me

As I sit here in the dark, I struggle with how to start this blog.  I suppose I should start with an introduction.  I’m Vanessa Nash-Gale and I am just your ordinary, run of the mill, everyday beauty queen.  Like, actually. I entered the Miss Fuller Woman Canada competition and was crowned on July 16, 2016.  To say that I’m still shocked is an understatement. I entered the competition with just one goal in mind: to have fun.


Many people speak of their journey, whether that journey is to self-love, self-discovery or weight-loss, each story is their own.  And I 100% cannot relate.  I came from the womb ready to take on the world.  I attack every opportunity with gusto and a healthy sense of adventure.  I have never doubted myself or my ability, beyond the usual nerves when starting a new project. Not that life has been easy, I’ve never had anything handed to me. Heck, I’m too old to have ever received “participation” ribbons. I have just always wanted to do the thing, what ever the thing is.  Is it nice to win? Definitely.  Is it necessary? Absolutely not.

I am inspired by these peoples’ journeys. I love to see people taking chances and investing in themselves.  So very rarely do we give ourselves the love and attention we so rightly deserve.  I do wish, however, that they would invest without hoping for a higher return.  Just love and accept themselves for who they are right now, future them will benefit just as much from love and kindness than they will 20 fewer pounds, if not more. I hear so much negative self talk in and outside of the Plus community. I try not to talk to myself in ways I wouldn’t address a child in. As a global society we are becoming kinder, more aware, woke; except for when it comes to ourselves.  We, as plus sized individuals, are up against some monumental barriers and our inner (sometimes outer) dialogue is not helping us.  


I’ve just had an epiphany.  I have already completed my journey.  I know the way.  At the end of my posts I will put forth a challenge.  A trick or tip that I have used to empower myself throughout my life for you, dear readers, to use as building blocks or as reaffirmations for lessons you’ve already conquered.  Yes! Now we’re cooking. Beyond challenges, in this blog I’ll cover a range of topics: personal challenges and anecdotes, fashion and OOTD/FOTD, social justice and community service, and other lifestyle-y sort of stuff.  


"We all have off days, days where we feel unattractive or worthless or insecure. It's so important to celebrate when you look in the mirror at makeup you painstakingly applied, or you glance at something you created, be it art, an article, a story, a knitted scarf, or even a damned fine sandwich, and be like, 'yeah! I did a thing and it was good! I like myself today! I'm not a garbage human!'"  These wise words are from my gorgeous, smart, and confident friend Brandy.  She has provided us with our first challenge: What accomplishment did you celebrate today? Let me know via email, fb message, carrier pigeon... I'll feature some responses on my instgram.


Life isn’t easy.  Some of us definitely have different chips stacked against us and while not everyone can win first place, we can all enjoy the game. 

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