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Welcome to one of my new blog projects.

I’ve been following several plus fashion blogs and instagram feeds for years and I always wondered, “how do they afford the wardrobe and photographers to do this week after week?”  I decided that I am going to feature items that are in my closet already.  Get ready for last year’s fashions, reworked and restyled for 2017.

My family experienced employment and income instability for a large portion of my childhood.  My father was a tradesman living in Newfoundland.  If he was working, he was working away.  If he was home, he wasn’t working.  The same went for my grandfather, my uncle etc.  It’s the plight of the Newfoundlander it seems.  My mom has always had steady income so she kept us floating along.  When my parents split when I was ten, my mom had a growing, active kid, a mortgage and a car payment to worry about.  Child support was a hard won battle that continued to be a battle until I was nineteen/twenty.  But we got by with a little help from our friends. 

Many of my mom’s friends had children my age or a little older so a few times a year they’d come by with giant bags of hand-me-down clothes.  I loved it!  It gave me a new wardrobe every season and I learned how to mix and match items to get a look I was comfortable it.  It also gave me a wardrobe much more mature than I was.  So many people would tell me how “sharp” of a dresser I was.  It made me a target for the bullies in their Grunge looks (which I fully embraced but with brightly coloured flannels, pastel waffle shirts, a braided leather headband, a DIY undercut, and a pair of “borrowed” combat boots (from my aunt).  I’ve never been able to nail trends, to be honest.

From these charity bags of clothes grew a love of thrifting and bargain hunting.  I honestly don’t remember the last item of clothing I paid full price for.  And as weird as it sounds, I love to tell people how little I paid for an outfit.  It annoys my husband when he pays me a compliment on an out it and I gleefully exclaim, “Thanks! it was $7!!”.  I just get such a thrill when it comes to a good deal. 

Even for the Miss Fuller Woman Canada Competition I couldn’t bring myself to pay full ticket price for an evening gown.  Before I even hit a store I posted in my favourite clothes swapping group Curvy Bunz (an offshoot of “ISO (in search of) sz18 evening gown”  I got my pageant gown for $60 worth of PC gift cards (that I had recently traded for 2 bookcases and a comforter set).  The circle of Bunz-Life.  Also being the queen of DIY I purchased 14 gross of black onyx Swarovski crystals.  I popped that dress on my dress form and delegated the embellishing to my husband. 

So going forward into 2017, I’ll be making some frugal fashion posts.  I’ll keep the outfits below $100 including shoes and accessories if I can.  I will list all the product details and prices that I can remember. 


                          Forever 21 plus, plus size, plus fashion, fatshion

Outfit Details: 

Red Bodysuit ($8.99) & Black high-slit midi skirt ($11.99): Forever21+

Purse ($25):

                         h&m, forever21, bunz, plus size, plus fashion, fatshion

Outfit Details:

Jacket ($25): thrifted (actually a really funny story, ask me some time :D )

Tank top ($6.99): H&M

Jeans (4 subway tokens): Curvy Buns (Forever21+ brand)


Jacket ($25): Thrifted

Black and Gold Bodysuit ($23.98): Forever21+

Tutu Skirt ($33): Treat Yourself with Love

Shoes ($45): Spring 

Photo by : Fixed in Silver


  • Alison

    Love this! Your truly amazing! Xoxo ;)

  • Ena

    Great idea! Looking forward to future posts! (Love the thrifted jacket)

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