Girl Power - Girl Gang Appreciation Day


There's something that is so important about friendships between women.  We should be each other's greatest allies but more often than not there is an unhealthy amount of competition and bullshit that is the admission price to the circle of girlfriends.  If the bullshit isn't within the circle, the group can and will often become a group of "mean girls", torturing and bullying those perceived as weaker.


I've fallen victim to mean girls in every phase of my life.  I'll be the first to admit that I'm a big weirdo.  Mean girls love to pick at quirks.  If you're different in any way you end up with a target on you. I could spend this entire post regaling you with personal anecdotes of my own personal torture through the years but instead I'd like to thank the wonderful Squirrel Friends I have in my life.

In 2004 I met a woman who has been my ride or die ever since.  She's literally seen me through every up and down in my life since.  She's immensely supportive and just a wonderful person.  I thank Sir Mix-A-Lot every damn day for bringing us together. Tamiema has saved my ass more times than I care to admit.

I've never experienced having that girl gang group in my life (At least not in a positive way.)  The group of ladies that you turn to on the daily with the dirty details of life.  When I broke my ankle I basically had a group of strangers step up to help me out.  Whether it was offers of shuttling me to nail appointments or taking me for sweets and shopping in my wheelchair, these women had me covered. And I met every single one of them through an online clothing swap group.  Meeting all these mega babes via Bunz Curvy Zone has given me everything I've been looking for, well, in my life in general.  We attend the big swaps hosted by the group but also hold our own mini swaps.  The dress I wore when I was crowned Miss Fuller Woman Canada came from one of my babes (thanks again Zane, xo). 

Over the last year these ladies have become a cornerstone in my life.  We support each other through all the messy things you go through.  There's been breakups, roommate issues, health issues, pet issues, family problems, deaths and we've all been available emotionally for each other every moment of the day or night.

We now pretty much do everything together:

we celebrate birthdays

We rang in 2018

We hit the beach on a blustery day

And recently I hosted a brunch for "Girl Gang Appreciation Day"




It took me until my late thirties to find that group that I feel at home with.  To Tamemia, Shannon, Heather, Jen, Zane and Steph:  The weird in me recognizes the weird in you and I am so thankful to have found my wolf pack with you.

I <3 my Girl Squad.


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  • Shannon

    I love you and us. Thank you for this!

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