Kick up your Heels

For your viewing pleasure I present something a little different: a pinup inspired look!  Are you surprised?  I know, I know... it's so out of my comfort zone. (Can we talk for just a quick tic about how long my hair is?!?!)

All joking aside, this is one of my absolute favourite outfits.  I've travelled with this skirt so many times.  It's so easy to dress up with heels and sparkly jewelry or dress it down with cute flats and a tank top.  I would love to get my hands on the forest green one too if any of you see it out there on sale.

When I stepped outside to shoot this outfit there was a massive, bubblegum-pink Hummer parked in front of my building.  I couldn't deny this ridiculous vehicle and used it as the back drop for my photos.

This super perfect peasant blouse I snagged at the spring Curvy Bunz (a cash free, trading zone focused on plus size clothing).  I have another exact version of this shirt some where in my house from Tatyana but I haven't seen it in ages.  You know what that means....Closet Purge Time.  It's well over-due.

Speaking of Closet Clean-outs... I'm going to be adding a shop my closet section of my website in the next little while, so check back regularly so you don't miss the good deals.  I have dozens of pairs of heels that are just out of the question for me now.  So many have never been worn or have been worn once or twice.  Like the beauties in this photo:

Skirt: Tatyana ($90)

Shirt: Free (clothing swap)

Shoes: Gifted

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