New Year's Revolution!

For any of you who know me in real life, you know what I think of New Year’s Resolutions.




There doesn’t have to be this pressure, to make huge changes for the sake of change.  I prefer to make New Year’s Revolutions!  I vow to do what ever I can to live my authentic self (as basic as that sounds) and to love myself unabashedly and unconditionally.  In a world where we are told to hate ourselves and change constantly, this act of self love is a revolution! I know those are someone else’s words (if you know who please let me know), but the first time I read them they pinged through me and resonated in my core.  Viva la Revolution!

As 2016, a heartbreaking year for many, draws to a close I am looking forward to that calendar rollover.  Beyond a terrifying, global, political landscape many people lost idols and trailblazers.  Those of us who looked to musicians and actors and poets and creators for comfort and solace in the beauty they created, are left a little empty and raw this year.  It’s easy for people to say, “Get over it, it’s not like you knew them”.  But we did, we did know them.  That misfit part of them recognized that misfit part of us and in a brief moment that transcended space and time, we connected and it was a balm for our fractured souls to once more feel whole.  If even just for a moment.  Their words and actions gave us hope when the people physically in our lives couldn’t.

I, for once, don’t have a laundry list of “must dos” for 2017.  I have a lot of “I’d like tos” but more that anything, I would like 2017 to be as quiet, stable and uneventful as possible.  That’s my grown up christmas wish.  Another thing my broken ankle taught me was to find contentment where I could and languish in that contentment.

As it is New Year’s Eve, I’d like to take a moment to look back on this year and reminisce about the high points.

In March of this year, my kiki house, The House of (Greta) Constantine threw our first ball, including a Grand March.  The theme: Alice in Wonderland.  I was given the privilege of playing Alice and I got to help direct the flow of our performance.

   Ballroom kiki toronto Alice wonderland gladstone constantine

I spent time with friends, family and chosen family.  A beautiful night on Toronto Islands with my ballroom family was definitely a highlight of my year.  I can't wait for more of these outings this coming summer.

                              toronto island hanlan's point ballroom neutron skyline sunset

I was given the opportunity to dance in front of an audience again, something I haven't had in a long time.  My favourite part of my talent performance at Miss Fuller Woman was getting to tell my story and be sassy and cheeky and have a good time.  I just wanted to give the audience and the judges a chuckle, a tap of their toes and 4 minutes of happiness.  I'm not sure if I accomplished that, but I sure had a good time!

                            suckers apparel toronto dance burlesque body love self love body positive


I was lucky enough to have gotten to meet and chat with a personal sHero of mine.  Whitney Way Thore was a special guest of the Fuller Woman weekend and I was delighted to meet her.  Her energy is so wonderful, I'd love to have had the opportunity to get to know her better.

                              big fat fabulous life, whitney way thore, toronto, Yankee Lady, #NoBS

I was crowned Miss Fuller Woman Canada.  I am still in shock.  I met some wonderful ladies, learned some things, re-learned some things and walked away with a gorgeous crown and a story (or 10) to tell.

                                  Miss Fuller Woman Canada, toronto, Beauty Queen, Plus size, body Positive

I broke my damn ankle.  While this was one of the worst experiences of my life, it taught me who my real friends are, showed me how much of a goddamn rockstar my husband is, taught me an important lesson on how to deal with change, and gave me rest and time and quiet that I never would have gotten.  

I made my return to the runway.  With my house father, we curated a fab "High Fashion Mr. and Mrs. Claus" effect and won tag team best dressed at a ball.  It was my first time competing in months and it felt great to have family supporting me and my "Father" on my arm supporting me down the runway.  

                                          toronto, ballroom, kiki, lanvin, contantine,


While I didn't love a lot of what happened in 2016 (I'm looking at you Trump), I had a lot of good times.  Some had a diamond shine, some a soft, warm glow, all of them made me a better person.  

So now because all the cool kids on Instagram are doing it, here's my "year apart" photo comparison: January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2016.



Happy New Year! May your 2017 be exactly what you need.


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