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I’m sure you’ve all figured out now that I love a good deal.  I also love vintage clothing and the whole aesthetic so much. Unfortunately there seems to be a bit of a tradition of plus size clothing being poorly made.  I can never find true vintage clothing in anything above a size 10.  I know we full figured ladies existed back then so where’d their clothes go???? Worn to death much like our own favourite items I guess.

Every year I say I am going to go the the Vintage Clothing Show and every year I forget.  From what I hear it’s out of my desired price range anyway.

My Dear Husband has a wonderful eye for kitsch garments though.  There’s a little spot in here in Toronto (Near Landsdowne on Bloor) called the Vintage Depot. So many gems in his wardrobe come from there: embroidered, satin western shirts and vintage letterman’s jackets.

He once came home with a beauty of a western shirt, burgundy and black with great rope detailing but I could tell he wasn’t really into it.  He was worried it didn’t fit him right.  While it fit well in the shoulders it was a bit roomy through the trunk. 

One day, while I was looking for a button up shirt to wear while I set my hair I grabbed this western shirt, threw it on and the rest is history.  It’s been in my side of the closet since. 

I love it for a casual night out.  It’s perfect pub attire.  Pair it with a classic old hollywood make up and you’ll look perfectly Rock-a-betty or add an edgier face and you just look fierce.  It works on so many levels and looks. 

For this fun little day out I paired it with what appears to be the only pants I own and some chunky ankle booties.  I usually add a heavy chain necklace or something at the neck but this day I was feeling the minimalist vibe.


I mentioned on Wednesday's blog that there's another Curvy Buns Swap coming up.  It's going to be fast and furious but they're always so worth it.  If you're available this Sunday come to the 519 (519 Church Street in Toronto) and check it out.

The details:


Doors will open at 2 pm so we have time to sort clothes, socialize and get organized.

We'll do a quick check of your clothes when you arrive and issue you a ticket with the Number of items you've brought.

Please do not bring more than 25 pieces please. This is also the same number of pieces you'll be able to take home.

***We are not including shoes or accessories this go around please leave those at home too. ***

Mix and mingle with other Curvy Bunz as your clothes are sorted to the tables by size.

At 2:30pm or shortly thereafter – the swapping begins. You’ll be able to try stuff on in the large curtained off area, and there will be lots of mirrors too.

You are WELCOME to come at any time between 2 and when we end at 5pm. It's like a revolving door, with new items arriving all afternoon!

Bunz sizes 18, 20, 22, 24, 26 +++ we ESPECIALLY hope to see your beautiful curvy selves at the swap. Our swap is truly for any and every size 12 and up. I hope every size will be strongly represented!
All seasons of clothes, size large and up - 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, 26++ are welcome. Formal wear to casual and everything in between!! Bring it all :)

***PLEASE do not bring items that are smaller than size 12/large, that are stained, ripped or dirty. I wish it could go without saying but after some things we saw at the last swap...we need a reminder.***

Basically, if you wouldn't give it to a friend, don't bring it to the swap

Again, we will not be including shoes or accessories in this edition of the swap due to space and time restrictions.


Pay What You Can, Sliding Scale Donation + Clothes to donate.
PWYC Donation towards the 519 Community Centre. We suggest $5, but please don't let the cost prohibit you from coming if you can't afford that. Just PM one of the organizers to chat. :)
Info on how our donations will help the 519: http://www.the519.org/support-the-519/donate

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