Ringing in the New Year in Style and Under Budget

Ya’ll remember last week when I said I was going on a Frugal Fashion Adventure?  I’ve received a lot of great feedback about this as well as some great suggestions for what kind of outfits to put together.

 The one that I was asked for the most was special occasion wardrobe.  How can you put together an outfit for a night out on the town for less than $100?  Easy Peasy, Lemon-Squeezey!

 My biggest suggestion starts with opening an email account. I have a junk mail account that use to sign up for every points system out there.  All of them. Every dollar your spend creates reward points, you get exclusive deals, birthday coupons.  Basically they just give you ways to save money.  

Other tips that have served me oh-so-well: 

  1. Shop clearance sections first:  I will build an outfit around one statement piece and find low cost items that either coordinate with or are neutral enough to let the piece stand out.
  2. Set time limits when you’re in a store:  Get in, look, get out.  If what you need is there, you’ll find it.  Browsing leads to impulse shopping.
  3. Utilize clothing swaps and consignment/trade groups:  I love a good clothing swap.  The last one I attended was the Bunz Curvy Zone swap in November.  I brought about 40 items that desperately needed rehoming and brought home about 8. I keep my eye out for interesting items that I can throw on if the need arises.
  4. Never pay full price for fashion jewelry:  If you want to invest money into jewelry, I can point you in the direction of some great designers, but do not spend $80 on a statement necklace from JCrew.  The markup on accessories is the highest in your average clothing store and it rotates stock the fastest.  If you see a piece you like, it will be on sale in a week or two.
  5. Borrow: If you need a bag or purse or random dress you know you’re never going to wear again, borrow from a friend.  I’ve been known to lend clothing for job interviews, weddings etc.  If you know you will never wear the item in question again, just borrow the damn thing.

 Normally for New Year’s eve, my hubs and I will do dinner and dancing.  This year, my frankenfoot wasn’t going to allow for that so we graciously accepted an invite to a soiree our good friends were hosting.  Nothing like ringing in the new year with loved ones and setting a stylish precedent for 2017.

 Aggie from Plus Size Panda was kind enough to accompany me on a photo adventure that ended in delicious Orange Julius and feeling very 90s Mall Girls

I love that Toronto Offers so many unique and beautiful back grounds for novice bloggers to take advantage of.

I can't get enough of this jacket.  I feel like a combo of 54, Electric Circus and Party Monster.


Outfit Details:

Jacket (AdditonElle) $40 (purchased with 40% off birthday reward)

Top (Old Navy): Free (scored at the Curvy Bunz Swap)

Skirt (Torrid- Rebel Wilson Collection): $35 (Buy 1, Get 2 clearance)

Shoes (Michael Kors): Borrowed so Free!

Necklace (Torrid): $9 (Buy 1, Get 2 Clearance)


Total: $84

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