Spied It, Tried It - The August Edition

Hello my little Chicken-Livers!  It's me again, your friendly neighbourhood Beauty Queen here to deliver some real talk about some beauty and lifestyle products.

As always, many of these products are purchased by yours truly but I have also been lucky enough to receive a big box of goodies from MSquared Branding.  Their generosity is some humbling and I am very grateful for it.  Thanks lovelies! xxoo

So without further adieu, let's hit it!

First up is the North American Hemp Co. "Soak it up" Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner.  Full disclosure, I have bleached hair.  I know, I know, you all thought my candy- floss tresses were natural but dear readers, they are in fact, chemically enhanced.  I use some heavy duty products to keep them soft and luscious.  When I saw these babies in my blogger box I was immediately dubious.  After 17 years in the beauty industry, I know the chemistry behind hair products and I am usually never impressed with nonprofessional brands.  Well hush-my-mouth and call me Deborah!  While the shampoo initially left me nervous, after rinsing it my hair felt very dry and matted together, once I applied the conditioner my strands immediately slipped through my fingers and started to really soak up the goodness.  The formula is full of omega fatty acids and works wonders on dry, chemically treated hair.

4 out of 5 Stars

As a fair skinned, tattooed individual whose paternal grandmother taught her all about skin protection, I was very excited to get this lil guy in my blogger box. Boo Bamboo Natural Sunscreen Spray in SPF30.  I am a devout sunscreen user and I love that the sprays make it easy to reapply on the go.  The first time I reached for this guy, I got an unpleasant surprise.  The sprays I am used to are light and even misting.  This one is quite heavy and you have to spread it around and work it in.  The smell is lovely and I haven't gotten a sunburn using it so I'll take the inconvenience over sun damage every time.


3 out of 5 Stars

Oh look, another natural deodorant,  I'm such a sweaty Betty that I always choose anti perspirants over deodorants.  I enjoyed the last one that was sent my way, apart from the scent.  Cue Green Beaver Natural Deodorant.  It's lavender scent thrilled me to my toes.  I just love lavender so much.  Its consistency took a little getting used to, it's kinda oily? or wet? feeling, and as I mentioned, I sweat a lot.  I'm unsettled by the perma-dampness of my pits when not using antiperspirant.  I have been using this stick while at home and I save my antiperspirant for when I leave the house.

With is now being summer and I am all about baring the skin that I'm in, I've had to address the dry, scaly state of my legs. I have found some really great moisturizers but sometimes you just need a good scrub.  Cue the Urban Spa Sisal Buffer.  I love this guy.  I like a gentle but effective exfoliation.  I was even able to use this on my delicate bikini area.  Highly recommend.

5 out of 5 stars

If you've been following my blog for any length of time, you'll know that I am on a never ending quest for great skin.  I love to be indulgent and pamper myself but I hate messy products that get everywhere.  I love the convenience of sheet masks.  This Bamboo Hydrating Sheet Mask was absolutely wonderful.  I popped it on and dozed in the tub for 20 minutes.  My skin felt smooth and looked radiant post mask.  My only issue will all sheet masks is the horror show you look like during the mask process.  It's terrifying but so worth it.

5 out of 5 stars

As I age I am made very aware of the abuse I have put my skin through and now I am in my late 30s trying to make amends.  This Pomegranate Regenerating Body Oil by Weleda has made that penance feel like a privilege.  This anti-oxidant rich oil smells like a dream and leaves my skin feeling so amazing.  I've not noticed any firming effects in the 30 days or so I've been using it but I can definitely attest to the improvement my skin has seen in general.  It just looks healthier.

5 out of 5 stars

Next up, Radius Organic Coconut Whitening Toothpaste!  Oh god how I wanted to love this product.  I am a notorious coffee drinker with naturally off white chompers so I am always looking at safe ways to brighten my smile.  Everything about this toothpaste appealed to me.  Organic? Check! Delicious flavour? Check! Coconut oil based? Check!  I'm in. The texture and flavour left me so disappointed, I just couldn't get into it.  I also felt that my mouth just didn't feel clean. It's a hard pass for me. 

1 out of 5 stars

I feel like I have come, finally to my skin care valhalla.  I have been hearing buzz about Deciem - The Abnormal Beauty Company  for ages now.  I finally made my way to the Yorkville location (hot tip: Its on Bellair not actually Bay as their address suggests).  I was immediately intimidated by their bare bones set up.  I can usually shuffle around a store and find what I need.  Deciem also names their products what they are and not things like "super duper anti-wrinkle cream" so if chemistry isn't your jam, you're going to want to approach a sales associate.  I told the associate what I was looking for/ skin woes (make-up remover/cleanser, fine lines, large pores, anti-aging) and I was recommended 4 different products.  I purchased 3 as one was out of stock.  The High-Efficiency Face Cleaner is the cleanser from the gods! Apply to dry skin to remove make-up, apply to wet skin for a beautiful emulsifying cleansing.  In the morning I follow-up with the Buffet serum which is a veritable smorgasbord of amino acids to fight aging.  In the evening I get my 2% Retinoid on.  Another anti-aging super star.  My skin has been looking amazing and my pores look smaller. I am a convert.  You'll have to check out my next Spied it, Tried it because I am going to head back to Deciem and pick up a few more goodies. 

15 out of 15 stars

This last little goodie came to me and I wasn't so sure what to do with it.  As you can see from the box, this Calendula Intensive Skin Recovery promises intensive skin recovery and highly concentrated, soothing care.  I really had no idea what I was going to use it for.  Whenever I get tattoos I usually head to that store with the black pots, (I'm not going to name them because their practices have gotten decidedly shitty over the last few years) and use a product to ease the itch.  I've tried a few different creams and nothing has come close...until now.  This cream does it all!  Speeds up the healing, cuts the itch an keeps the skin supple.  I don't think tattoo healing is the intended purpose of this cream but I think this could be a whole new market for this company.  If you're planning on getting a tattoo, scoop a tube of this magic.

5 out of 5 stars

So that's all I have for you this time around babies.  Tune in in another few weeks when I'll have a brand new list of goodies for you.  If you have any questions about any of the products I've reviewed, pop them in to the comments below!




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