Spied it, Tried it - The Nerd Edition

My good friend Brandy was kind enough to gift me with a giant bag of bath time beauties from her fledgling company The Femme Fandom Fix.  I'm a huge believer that baths and quality bath products are fundamental to self care. 

I have three, ride-or-die, fandoms: Star Wars, Harry Potter, and via my husband, Green Lantern.  Brandy hit all the bases with her grab bag of goodies.

From the Wizarding Collection:

My first foray into the Femme Fandom Fix world was the Hufflepuff Bath Bomb.  It's delicious Cinnamon Bun scent sent me to the moon.  While I love bath bombs I usually avoid them because they are extremely drying on my skin.  This is a bomb of a different design! My skin felt absolutely amazing post soak.

5 out of 5 stars

The Griffindor Bath Bomb turned my bath a gorgeous red and smells of butterbeer!  Basically just read the review above.

5 out of 5 stars

From the Bubble Bar Collection:

I love Green Lantern but to be honest, Hal Jorden can stuff it.  I'm all about the Star Sapphire.  My first cosplay was of Carol Ferris in a Golden Age Star Sapphire costume.  Brandy surprised me with this hand crafted Bubble Bar!  The heady floral scent was highly relaxing and OH MY GOD! The bubbles!!!! So many bubbles and it made the water such a beautiful shade of pink.

5 out of 5 stars

Coming soon to the Star Wars Collection:

The He's No Good to Me Wet Bath Bomb.  IT'S A BOBA FETT BATH BOMB!  Boba is the bomb (get it!!)  I'll be honest, I actually have been saving this one because I don't want it to be gone.  I can't rate it as a bath bomb but as a bathroom ornament it's A++.

And from an item not yet available on her website (contact her on her Instagram to order):

The Thick Thighs Save Lives Dusting Powder is my favourite product that Femme Fandom Fix creates.  Once upon a time ago, Lush made a dusting powder called Candy Fluff.  It was ok for dusting but it's smell was my HG;  Light and sweet and it had delightful little glitter particles in it.  The day after Brandy gave me my TTSL sample it was super humid and hot.  I dusted a little on under the girls (boob sweat is the WORST) and they stayed dry all day.  The best part is that the scent reminds me of my dearly discontinued Candy Fluff.  I've also busted this bad boy out for some chub rub protection....sublime.  I had to message Brandy immediately to applaud her efforts with this product.  

5 out of 5 stars.  I'd give it 15 stars out of 5 if I could!


If you like to support bad ass women, local business and are you a big nerd, you need to break your bank account over at Femme Fandom Fix.

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