Super Nova

Are you on Instagram?  Then you are probably aware of the clothing line Fashion Nova.  The offer super sexy, on-trend items in plus sizes.  I remember when I was planning my bachelorette party and I wanted a super hot ensemble to wear out dancing and I had to settle for skinny jeans and a peplum top (anyone who knows me, knows my disdain of the peplum).  I was devastated. My usual haunts had absolutely nothing that was sexy or even mildly scandalous.  I wanted cleavage or a crop top or sheer! Something!!! Nah, I got a white peplum top with black skinny jeans. My face and hair looked bomb though.

Any way, I would have given anything for an option like Fashion Nova 3 years ago.  I've seen a few bloggers review them and the reviews have been all over the place to be honest.  I was in desperate need of some retail therapy and I had been creeping their insta for weeks.  I decided to just take a well researched plunge.  I messaged my friend the lovely Sarah from Big Hips Red Lips.  She had recently featured Fashion Nova on her blog.  I asked her what she thought of the sizing and ordered accordingly.  "Pants true to size and size up in the body suits".  I ordered these super hot, distressed white jeans in a 2X and a deliciously scandalous, rose, velvet bodysuit in a 3X which I will feature in an upcoming post.

This past weekend I attended a closet sale hosted by Lindsay of Treat Yourself With Love.  I decided it was time for my jeans to take their inaugural voyage, paired with this great "Status Queen" by SerialGoalGetter.  

These jeans are the most comfortable things I've had on my body in a while.  I didn't even have to play the "hike 'em up" game.  They stayed put the whole day!

The best thing about a casual outfit like this is that you can pile on the luxe accessories.  I added a wrap around gold chain watch, strappy gold sandals and big hoop earrings.  My mom always wore hoops and I can't deny I have a deep love for hoops of any size and shape.

I had such as blast at A Day Of Curves.  I spent about 3 times more money than I had planned but I couldn't help myself.  When you have the opportunity to shop the closets of Sarah Anne (Big Hips, Red Lips) and Karen (Your Big Sister's Closet) you just have to carpe that diem!

Oh and one of my favourite local jewelry designers was there, Chantell from Amadora Jewelery.  I had to scoop a couple of her items as well.


I also had the opportunity to meet Marnie from Thigh Society!  I talked her into buying a gorgeous vintage blazer.  It looked so damn good on her.  I immediately thought of like 3 different outfits for it.  Rebecca (of Rebecca Northcott Photography) caught these cute snaps of us.


I got some great deals at this sale and I had such a good time visiting with all the ladies at the event.  


photos by: Rebecca Northcott Photography

Leggings (above right): Sweet Legs 



All in all, thumbs up all around!

Jeans: Fashion Nova (~$35 CDN with exchange and shipping)

Shirt: Serial Goal Getter (2/$35 she sent me an extra due to delayed shipping)

Earrings: Torrid ($11)

Watch: Smart Set ($11)

Shoes: CW Dance Shoes (hand embellished by me) ($35)


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