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Back in the old days, when the internet was just a wee babe, my university had a school paper.  Now I imagine they have blogs or apps.  I wrote for my school paper.  I would write about the social activities on and off campus.  I hosted a Missed Connections section where people would submit sightings of their One True Love on campus.  My favourite column that I wrote was an advice column.  There was a private mailbox outside the paper’s office where you could drop your quandary and once a month I’d publish a few with my responses.  It got so popular that by the time I left the paper, I’d answer 4 questions weekly plus I’d leave a daily shot on the white board outside our office.  It saddened me that I was’t able to answer them all.

Throughout my life people have always said that I knew everything (which isn’t so different from being a know-it-all).  Coworkers would pick my brain over work stuff, friends would call for relationship advice, my mom wants tech support.  The list is endless.  One co-worker once suggested that I have my own hotline 1-800- VAN-ESSA.  I don’t think I know everything but I do know that I am extremely empathetic (if you cry in front of me you’d better be prepared to share those tissues!) and I have a very full dance card when it comes to life experience.  Combine those with the seventeen years I spent behind the chair listening to peoples life stories, I like to think i give pretty good advice.

Here’s where you come in, Dear Reader.  Send me your questions, qualms and quandaries!  Let me offer you my unique perspective on life. Sometimes a fresh set of eyes on the situation can offer a very different vantage point.


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