Women Getting Shit Done - Brandy Dawley of Femme Fandom Fix

Picture it: Toronto, FanExpo, 2009.  I was one of the newest Pinups on the Nerd Girls Pinups roster and we had a booth at Fan Expo.  I rushed over to the convention centre after work and was seated behind the table next to two women who I'm happy to say I have been friends with ever since.  The gorgeous lady to my left was Brandy Dawley (Anna was on my right.  Hi Anna!!!).  Brandy is beautiful, clever, funny and I love having her in my life.

Look at how young we are!

Brandy recently retired from her position at The Naked News after nearly 10 years.  When she left NN she had plans to be a freelance writer but the fates had other plans.  

Brandy is a huge Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan.  To celebrate the 20th anniversary of its premier she planned a Buffy themed party.  She realized that she was going to need prizes for her guests.  She hit the kitchen.

From her hearth was born Femme Fandom Fix.  A sumptuous and whimsical line of bath and body products inspired by Buffy, Harry Potter and other Pop Culture phenomenon.  When I asked her if she was adjusting to self-employment, her face lit up.  She smiled ear to ear and said that she's "a mad scientist in the bath arts".  She feels at home in the kitchen, it's her happy place where she gets to funnel her creativity into her enterprise. As I've been on a guest list or two for Brandy's parties, it came of no surprise that she creates her own moulds, creates her own oils and what oils she can't create she imports them from all over North America.

One more video of our #doctorwho #explodingtardis #tardis bomb in action!

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The Exploding Tardis Bathbomb.  

Over a catch up lunch, Brandy gifted me a huge bag of bath goodies.  I pretty much ran home to take a bath.  I had plans that evening and I had to wait an entire 24 hours.  In that time, my bag of goodies had made my whole house smell like heaven.  Want to hear my thoughts on these products?  You'll have to tune in tomorrow for a special edition of "Spied it, Tried it".


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