Women Getting Shit Done: Lindsay of With Love

When I competed in the Miss Fuller Woman Competition last summer I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Lindsay Tipping-Labañino, the Founder of With Love clothing. I’ve had several opportunities to get to know her and her story over the last few months and she’s hands down one of the best people in my life: kind, funny, ambitious, a great mom… the list goes on.

Post beautiful baby, Lindsay had a very different body from the one she was accustomed to.  When she was trying to clothe her new body she found the options available to her were less than desirable.  With Love was born.

After dealing with suppliers who’s clothing sizes were misrepresented and a host of other issues, Lindsay decided that she was going to change up her game.  Enter the Founder Institute.

After applying and being accepted into the FI Incubator, Lindsay participated in a gruelling 3.5 months of intense business education.  Her program included everything from market research, how to generate start up revenue and how to build your business.

Lindsay graduated from her program earlier this month.  She asked me to attend her graduation where she would present her company and her business model to a room of potential investors. 


I happily accepted.  I will do anything to support women in our community.  I was a tad emotional as Lindsay gave her presentation.  It’s so amazing to watch women taking the steps to positively impact the world we live in.

At the event we were joined by Lindsay’s Co-founder Sophia Apostol, another fav babe of mine.  It was great to spend time with these ladies.  I will support Lindsay in all of her endeavours.  It’ll be easy enough, she has great style after all.

I can't wait to support Lindsay's new business venture.  Rest assured, I will be treating myself to one of everything from the Treat Yourself With Love catalogue.


P.S. There was a foam pit XD!!



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