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Growing Up: A Lesson in Survival

Content Warning: Bullying, swear words, domestic abuse   Ever walk into a room, look around and think to yourself, “I don’t belong here”.  We’ve all suffered from nerves when attending a function where you don’t know anyone but what if those thoughts were because you were told, “you don’t belong here”? Told over and over again that you are unwanted.  That was my lived experience.     Being bullied isn’t an uncommon experience.  Almost everyone I know has been bullied in their lives.  Bullied for being poor/weird/gay/short/tall/fat etc.  Abusers will target any attribute they can for ammunition.   Like a lot of us, being bullied starts young: being teased by members of the opposite sex, called names that rhyme with...

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Destination: Me

As I sit here in the dark, I struggle with how to start this blog.  I suppose I should start with an introduction.  I’m Vanessa Nash-Gale and I am just your ordinary, run of the mill, everyday beauty queen.  Like, actually. I entered the Miss Fuller Woman Canada competition and was crowned on July 16, 2016.  To say that I’m still shocked is an understatement. I entered the competition with just one goal in mind: to have fun.   Many people speak of their journey, whether that journey is to self-love, self-discovery or weight-loss, each story is their own.  And I 100% cannot relate.  I came from the womb ready to take on the world.  I attack every opportunity with...

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